Thai Company Data Bank

All data of Thai companies

RAICHU is the company data bank, holdings all company data and financial data registered in Thailand.

RAICHU has all the company data, which is not only local Thai companies but also foreign companies such as Japanese companies, Chinese companies, Asian companies, western companies, If it is registered in Thailand.

1.6 million companies for 13 years

RAICHU holds corporate data of 1.6 million companies and financial data for up to 13 years per company.

Once you order and start to use RAICHU, all the company data is in your hands. By accessing this data, customers will be able to reach various information necessary for their business.

Thai Company Data Bank

RAICHU’s Concept

Front office purpose

Offensive approach

RAICHU fully supports front office operations such as “market research” and “customer / partner development”.

If you filter and aggregate the conditions you want with RAICHU, you can conduct market research on the spot. From the detailed view, you can quickly create a list of companies for developing customers and partners.

Back office purpose

Support for offense

RAICHU also supports important operations that connect the front and back offices, such as “corporate research,” “financial analysis,” and “reports.”

Simply click to perform company survey and financial analysis, and immediately output the necessary RAICHU reports in Excel format. You can use as it is for internal meetings and reports.



There is a free corporate information service in Thailand, but it is inconvenient to use. On the other hand, paid services are expensive so it is difficult for companies to use.

RAICHU costs you only 6,000 THB per month. It is both easy to use and reasonable price. The cost-effectiveness is overwhelming.

RAICHU’s use case

As a business platform that enables “market research,” “customer / partner development,” “company research,” “financial analysis,” and “reporting,” it is used by customers to freely access information, conduct surveys, aggregate, and search.

For example, it can be used in the following scenes.

<Investigation and formulation of business plans>

✅ Market research
✅ Industry survey
✅ Data preparation and data analysis required for survey

<Support for front office>

✅ Targeting customer / partner candidates
✅ Company list
✅ Company survey before and after visit / approach

<Support for front and back offices>

✅ Confirmation of corporate data and financial data
✅ Corporate surveys and financial surveys
✅ Information sharing by RAICHU company report

If you have any problems related to the above in business in Thailand, please apply and inquire from “Apply Trial” and “Inquiry” below.

RAICHU will support your business in Thailand